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The Reinventing Local TV News Project at Northeastern University is bridging the gap between communities and local newsrooms by analyzing viewer behaviors and introducing innovative video storytelling techniques for increased civic engagement.

In its current phase of research, the team is exploring the possibilities for Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming platforms at local TV news stations, allowing outlets to report news in novel ways and deliver on-demand stories to their audience.


Explore our publications with Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy and the research posts we published with RTDNA, the Radio Television Digital News Association. Learn more>>>

The Case for Video Innovation and Animation

To kick off the RLTVN project’s second phase, we created two new roles at our partner test stations, WLS-TV in Chicago and WCVB-TV in Boston…

The Newsroom Animator Experiment

The experiment with animation began with a simple design: start with quality journalism covering meaningful topics, add in creative storytelling using animation…

The Case for Changing the Way You Tell Stories

So much local news coverage is tied to the news cycle at a time when audiences are also expecting insights, context, impact, and an understanding of stories as they unfold…

Hiring an Animator for Your Local TV Newsroom

Two years of research has convinced us to double down on a recommendation we first made to local television stations in 2019: improve the quality, design, and explanatory power…


Welcome to our video library. Here, you can find highlights of our research findings, updates on our progress, and details from our A/B testing process. Learn more>>>

Newsroom Tools

Animation Templates

Below you can find animation templates, compatible with Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere, to get started with informational animation right away.

Workshop Highlights

In our virtual workshop series, we equip television stations across the country with insights from our research and actionable storytelling techniques.

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